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How to Customize the More Information Sidebox

The More Information sidebox in zen cart is perfect for adding extra pages of content to your site. It is very useful because you can edit the content of the pages via the define pages editor in the zen cart admin. By default, it comes installed with generic page names, titles, etc. This tutorial will show you step by step how to customize this sidebox to use it for your custom content.


Go to your Admin -> Tools -> Layout Boxes Controller and activate the more_information.php sidebox.
How To Customize the More Information Sidebox

Change the Name of the Sidebox and the Names of the Sidebox Links

In your favorite plain text editor, open includes/languages/english.php. On or around line 147 find this code:

// information box text in sideboxes/more_information.php - were TUTORIAL_
define('BOX_HEADING_MORE_INFORMATION','More Information');
define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_2', 'Page 2');
define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_3', 'Page 3');
define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_4', 'Page 4');

Change the text in red to your new text.

// information box text in sideboxes/more_information.php - were TUTORIAL_
define('BOX_HEADING_MORE_INFORMATION','Your Sidebox Heading');
define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_2', 'Your Page Name');
define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_3', 'Your Page Name');
define('BOX_INFORMATION_PAGE_4', 'Your Page Name');

Save the file to your template override directory, in this case includes/languages/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/english.php

***This is a php file and MUST be edited in a plain text editor. If you try to edit this file in any type of wysiwyg editor, the code will be corrupted and when you insert the file back into your zen cart it will break your entire site.***


Change the Page Name and Browser Bar/Breadcrumb Title

Open includes/languages/english/page_2.php. Find this code:

define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Page 2'');
define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Page 2');

Change the ‘Page 2' to your page name.

define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Your page name'');
define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Your page name');

Save the file to your template override directory, in this case it is includes/languages/english/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/page_2.php

Add Your Text to the Page

Log into your zen cart admin and go to Admin -> Tools -> Define Pages Editor

Select define_page_2.php from the pull down menu.

Enter your page content into the big box.


You are all finished!

If you need help with your zen cart web site, please contact me for a quote.

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